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Myofascial Release


Structural Bodywork

We offer remedial massage to deliver therapeutic results by employing a range of bodywork techniques. Treatments are tailored to the unique circumstances of each client, primarily using Myofascial Release but also drawing on a range of other techniques including Trigger Point Therapy, Power Effleurage, Amma and Facilitated Stretching.

Where appropriate, we may offer herbal medicines and nutritional advice to support treatment especially of chronic conditions to aid and expedite the healing process.

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Conditions we support

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This list is not exhaustive so please do contact us if you would like to find out how bodywork could help you.


At your first consultation your condition or presenting symptoms will be assessed and the appropriate (combination of) techniques will be used. Please note that for chronic conditions it is strongly recommended that patients commit to regular treatments over several weeks. Typically, changes are experienced after 2-4 sessions with noticeable improvement after around 6 treatments. Normally, at this stage your condition will be reassessed and an ongoing treatment plan, if appropriate, discussed with you.


London, King’s Cross clinic
Single treatment: £70 (1 hour)
6x treatments: £380 (6x 1 hour)

Watford clinic
Single treatment: £60 (1 hour)
6x treatments: £320 (6x 1 hour)

Please note

Integrated herbal and bodywork consultations are available: They include a medical, health and lifestyle assessment and a 30-minute bodywork treatment. It is normally offered as an initial consultation only, and intended to be a comprehensive starting point to assess the physical, mechanical and emotional status and set the scene for continuing herbal/bodywork treatment. Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more.

Concessions: 15% off your consultation and prescription. This discount applies at our Watford clinic to people on income support, jobseekers allowance, tax credits or pension credit. If none of these apply, but you have financial difficulty, please discuss with us when booking your appointment.

Local rate: 15% off at our Watford clinic for local residents living in West Watford (consultation only)

Email or call us on 07864 945 086 with any further questions.