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brunch and supper club

BRUNCH and Supper club

Brunch & supper talks

Many common health complaints can be improved or resolved by making positive changes to our diet and lifestyle. Our brunch & supper talks aim to inspire you and to make it easy for you to make these changes.

Our talks are held around our kitchen table where we bring you delicious food and talk about how these foods, along with other self-help strategies, can help improve your health. Because exercise is so important for our health our brunch talks begin with a voluntary, gentle, half-hour jog through Cassiobury Park.

See what previous participants had to say, view our previous recipes or check out our blog.

“A whole foods, plant-based diet, coupled with a reasonable amount of exercise minimises the risk of chronic disease”

Programme details

Each of our brunch talks begin with a voluntary, half-hour gentle jog through Cassiobury Park, Watford.

Natural solutions for high cholesterol & blood pressure
Friday 9 June 2017 / 11am – 12noon (run from 10.15 – 10.45am)
£12 per person

Natural solutions for your menopause
Friday 23 June 2017 / 11am – 12noon (run from 10.15 – 10.45am)
£12 per person

Natural solutions for rheumatoid and osteoarthritis
Friday 7 July 2017 / 11am – 12noon (run from 10.15 – 10.45am)
£12 per person


Natural solutions for your digestive troubles
Saturday 17 June 2017 / 7.30 – 9.30pm / £20 per person

Natural ways to boost your fertility
Saturday 8 July 2017 / 7.30 – 9.30pm / £20 per person

All our food is made with organic ingredients (where possible) and is vegetarian. We can cater for vegans and for people with dairy intolerances – please contact us beforehand to request this.


If you would like to join our next session please download, complete and return the booking form: Booking Form (pdf) | Booking Form (docx). Places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.


“I have absolutely loved BRUNCH. I’ve discovered that getting the benefits of running doesn’t mean a 6km trek, a fit bit watch and expensive trainers. I have loved the food, it’s been amazing and although I knew quite a lot about nutrition before I have so many new ideas to add to my family mealtimes.”
Mum of four, Rickmansworth

“My husband, my son and I planned a big cycle ride from Watford to Scotland for the summer and I needed to get fit. I joined a learn to run club that got me running for the first time in almost my adult life and then I discovered Victoria and Pieter’s BRUNCH club. The food has been incredible. I’ve learnt so many things I didn’t know and the running pushed me just that bit further than I would have been able to go on my own.”
Proud & happy mum, Watford  

“Like it or not, we are slightly fat, furless, bipedal primates who crave sugar, salt, fat, and starch, but we are still adapted to eating a diverse diet of fibrous fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, tubers and lean meat.”
~ Harvard Professor, David Lieberman – The Story of the Human Body

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