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Press & Media

Kearns & Meiring Interview – Optima Magazine, 5 August 2017 (No.625)

Herbal Medicine

Kearns & Meiring – Facebook
The Herbarium – Western Herbal Medicine resource for practitioners and lay people
Historical use of Herbal Medicine
Training to be a Medical Herbalist – University of Westminster

Arvigo® Therapy

The Arvigo® techniques of Maya abdominal therapy – official site
Huffington Post – Maya massage: a healing practise every woman should know
The Guardian – benefits of vaginal steaming
Benefits of castor oil packs – for fibroids, endometriosis & abdominal scarring
Buy salt heaters – to use with castor oil
Haramaki – Japanese body warmer for abdominal organs
How to wear a faja
Vagina dispatches – an exploration of vaginas by The Guardian
Lymphatic breast massage – to help with sore or swollen breasts


Cochrane Review: Preventing diabetes with exercise & eating
Health Benefits of Physical Activity: The Evidence
Keeping fit and healthy with a baby


Our blog about how to feed your digestive system
The China Study: the most comprehensive study of nutrition every conducted
Healthy Vegetarian Recipes
Probiotic & prebiotic foods for a healthy gut
Our wonderful vagus nerve
The Fairy Food Mother – lovely self-help & recipe ideas


Different kinds of sperm
The great sperm race (video)
Taking charge of your fertility – charting your fertility resource


Natural solutions – natural hormones that have been shown to help – without the side effects of HRT
Menopause & business – tips on how to run your own business through the perimenopause

Recommended therapists

Andreas Syrimis (Central London) – Osteopath
Charlie Henry-Jones (Central London) – Osteopath
Liam Pace (Central London) – Acupuncture
Anna Bonnetto (North London) – Rolfing practitioner
Elaine Bennett (North London) – Osteopath
Sandra Haslam (Watford & St Albans) – Counsellor
Kate Codrington (Watford) – Massage practitioner – great resources for menopause support and women’s health
Christina Freinche (Watford & Hemel Hempstead) – Baby massage & yoga
Tessa Sanderson (Caversham) – Pregnancy yoga – great resources for self-care
Becky Aston (Berkhamsted) – Pelvic floor physiotherapist
Alyson Carter (Berkhamsted) – Nutritionist plus food intolerance testing
Susie Alderson (Berkhamsted) – Nutritionist focus on Alzheimer’s
Hazel Meacher (Berkhamsted) – Acupuncturist – Zita West affiliated