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BRUNCH – Joints & Bones

bones and joints

BRUNCH – Joints & Bones

Today saw the final session of our BRUNCH pilot programme with our runners completing 30 minutes of jogging (10 min jog, 2 min walk x 3). They were ready for their brunch and surprised to find seaweed on the menu. They were even more surprised to find that they loved it. Seaweed is an amazing source of calcium, protein, omega-3 and vitamin C – all of which we need for good bone and joint health. We used three different types of fresh seaweed dulse, wakame and kombu along with sweet potato chips – another great source of calcium.

seaweed brunchAs always, today’s recipes are available here: BRUNCH.

We thank everyone who took part in the BRUNCH pilot and based upon participants’ kind feedback we have now finalised the programme moving forwards. For more details please visit our BRUNCH page.