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BRUNCH – Digestive system

BRUCNH 3 - Digestion

BRUNCH – Digestive system

Today at BRUNCH we looked at the digestive system. Following a sunny run, Victoria and the group had a lively discussion about our digestive systems, its interaction with the brain, and how to look after it. She explained the importance of good gut bacteria to overall health and how to feed our good bacteria with prebiotic foods, as well as the effect of stress on our digestive system. The menu included probiotics (foods containing good bacteria), prebiotics, fibre and volatile oils… and a taster of some herbal tinctures we commonly use to support the digestive system.

As always, today’s recipes are available here: BRUNCH.

The intake for the next BRUNCH programme will be shortly after Easter.  Keep an eye on the blog and our Facebook page for more info, or get in touch.